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Who We Are

Indietobe’s founder and director, Roberto Pasolli, studied Engineering and Net-Economy in Trento, Italy. Qualified as a Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Presence Consultant & Website Developer. Over 8 years of experience skilled in building and managing online marketing campaigns with an extensive level of experience in web and social media platforms, tools and techniques.

After gaining marketing agency experience in Rome, he moved to London where he began working on a freelance basis focusing solely on small independent businesses and creatives. Over the past two years he has worked towards building a fully competent agency in Ibiza. His handpicked team are specifically chosen based on their work ethic, passion and creativity in their chosen industry.

Together, we believe we have the right skills and strengths to change the face of marketing among our competitors and hold hope globally for the future.

What We Do

Indietobe is a small yet compelling All-in-One Agency. Together, we design and implement individual, personalised and bespoke solutions. We aim to create plans that work, bring results and benefit you.

Our selected team consists of experienced IT & digital marketing specialists, a professional graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager and videographer.

Our strategy, development, consulting and execution aims to bring all aspects of social media and marketing efforts into alignment with unified goals and an ultimate purpose – revenue and return of investment.

How We Work

Indietobe takes pride in offering our clients a sincere working relationship. As a small independent agency; taking care of your digital marketing goals means we fully and honestly commit to your marketing campaign on a more personal and detailed level.

We treat building your business as if we are building our own, no matter how big or small. With every action, ensuring growth is paramount. We once started very small too, through knowledge and marketing we are where we are today and we intend to continue to grow.

We do this by working and promoting businesses like you – when you grow, we grow!

How We Benefit You

With Indietobe you benefit from having an entire team of digital marketing strategists, graphic designers, copywriters and SEO experts – all of which possess a diverse range of skills and relevant up to date proven marketing techniques in the online and digital marketing world.

Our knowledge and expertise focuses solely on your business priorities and promise a lower competitor cost per lead and sales. Having a team that understands how to reach your market audience and can develop relevant high-quality solutions will save you time, money and time and stress.

The end result, nothing less than a return of investment and a continuation of a professional relationship that will want you returning to us for growth year after year.


Discover more about you and all the possible issues and related improvements concerning your digital presence.


Design the brand and the digital plan. Develop the strategy and the right story for your digital presence.


Implement tactics, content plan and paid media plan


Account Management, Digital management and Ad Management.

Attract the right audience

Attracting people directly to your website is a necessity but driving them their can be costly for business.

It’s important to ensure the right people (qualified traffic) are clicking and landing on your page:
we only want the most profitable clientele visiting; those who will purchase and spend money.

Our team of qualified specialists help you identify your target audience, ensure your website has a consistent and well targeted group streaming in and ultimately increase your marketing opportunities and Return Of Investment (ROI) margins.

Measure your advertising results

Measurable advertising is the key to growth and profits.

This means reliable and accurate measures are taken to ensure your online advertising is specific to your business market leading to a higher performance and ultimately higher conversion rates and sales.

How do we achieve this?

Our Digital Marketing Specialists:

+ Focus on your return of Investment (ROI) as our main goal.

+ Target the right audience and geographics

+ Monitor how much your  paying per results, CPM, CPC and other important metrics.

+ Offer retargeting to those who have shown already interest

+ Offer regular analysis, optimisation and new solutions to ensure ROI

Be the most appealing business among your competitors.

Your business needs to be accessible at all times.

We live in a world when everything is at the “click of a finger” – a very fast moving and ever growing digital world.

If you want to be a profitable business then you must move with the same pace; which includes giving your brand a professional and regular revamp.

Every visitors that lands on a your own pages should be sold at an instance that they are viewing a professional, current, experienced and a leading business in any industry.

This can only be achieved with creative design and professional development.

Web pages should look aesthetically pleasing to the viewer with an overall trendy look and feel. Something that stands out among competitors.

Every page should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and quick to load using all the latest web standards and mobile friendly optimisation design tools.

Having a business web page which maintains excellence and high tech standards will only improve you marketing campaigns results and improve conversion rates and sales.

Boost your social media reach.

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users across the globe. Almost half the world’s population. A pretty significant figure.

Any social media plan needs to be executed with excellence in order to get the right message across to your audience and beat your growing competition among competitors.

Social platforms need to be strong and consistently updated in order to connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, submit lead generation and effectively increase sales. Alongside correct funnelling of social media marketing, businesses will be sure to stay profitable and meeting their Return of Investment.

Strategic detailed management of social media offers clients fresh and current content which will give your brand ‘a cut above the rest’ and will effectively communicate and represent your brand identity in a professional and current manner.

Keep in the loop with a specialist social media management team.

Clients Stories

We are very happy and satisfied with the successful outcome of the Marketing Indietobe ensured us this season! Smooth and easy was the work together, if support needed, answer & solution followed asap.

Daniel & Alexandra

Directors, Samos Group Ibiza

I have been working with IndieToBe on all my social media and we have designed my new logo and website together. It was an absolute pleasure, to work with them and I have achieved great results in a very short time. Social media was consuming a lot of time of my day and I never regreted to give it into professional hands. Looking forward to many years of success together!


Owner, Mallorca Boutique Weddings

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

Great work, professional communication, quick reaction to solve problems, deadlines reached on time, great results – it was an absolute pleasure to work with Indietobe and I hope we will work on other projects in the future.

Timo Scharf

Singer & Songwriter

Great people, super easy to work with, profesional and my business accounts that they manage get great results and engagement. Highly recommended.


Owner, Restaurante Can Mimosa Ibiza

We have been working with Indietobe on all our social media and website requirements. Not only has it been an absolute pleasure, it’s already paid for itself through the FB advertising! We’re really happy… Matt

Director, Prime Villas Ibiza

Absolutely recommended. For years we have been working with this company that has allowed us to achieve great results, visibility and communication! Smart and reactive staff! Michele

CEO & GM , Al Pescatore Restaurant (Trento, Italy)